Diamonds made in Auroville

Sri Aurobindo about the symbolism of diamonds:

“Mother’s light at its intensest”

There is a several million year old love affair between India and its diamonds. The history of diamonds is the history of India. For several thousand years, diamonds were known and found only in India. The first raw diamond found outside of India was discovered in Brasil in 1725. Till then, every diamond was a diamond from India.
In ancient India diamond was not only the most valuable thing existing, it was also determining its currency the Rupaka, governing the country’s social and economic life, and influencing its medical and occult sciences.
Even today there is a strong link between India and the diamond industry. The industry is India’s biggest foreign exchange earner, followed by tea and textiles. 9 out of 10 diamonds worldwide are polished in India. India has about 900,000 diamond cutters and polishes about 5 million diamonds every day. Today the world’s diamond trade is firmly in the hands of the Indian business community.

Diamonds are not just an expensive piece of carbon, as many may think. Diamond itself is one of the world’s most remarkable materials. It is the material which has probably more physical superlatives attached to it than any other material. To name only three of them, diamond is the material which has the highest optical refraction index, which is why it sparkles so intensely; diamond is the hardest natural material known; and diamond is also the best heat conductor. No other material conducts heat as well as diamonds. There are also several other superlatives, less spectacular.
A material which has on the physical level so many superlatives must be having also on the occult level some very special features. The fact, for example, that diamond is the best heat conductor, meaning that it is the best channel for physical energy to pass, may mean also that it could be a channel for other kinds of energy. Today’s ignorant society is unfortunately mostly unaware of the occult level of physics. But in the case of diamonds it can’t be. Without knowing why, everybody has to accept the extreme position and respect that diamonds hold in our society. Diamonds have been for many, many centuries the most expensive items on earth, the most desired, and the most stable in value. Diamond represents and embodies today as it already did three thousand years ago, perfection, beauty, value, stability, strength, and harmony in matter.

The joy of possessing or wearing diamonds is, knowingly or unknowingly, an expression of aspiration for what diamonds stand for: absolute stability, true value, beauty, perfection, brilliance in one’s essence.

Working with diamonds shapes a person, like every work does. When you work with diamonds some of their features start influencing you. When Auroville begins working with diamonds, the diamonds passing through will leave something in Auroville before they go on to their final destination, both on the occult level and the material level. If we don’t make any serious mistakes, they will leave in their wake all that diamonds stand for – value, stability, beauty, perfection, harmony and perfect poise in matter. And, hopefully, also what Sri Aurobindo says diamonds stand for, namely “Mother’s light at its intensest.”